How to set up offices

Article Objective: To assist admin users in navigating the Admin Centre within the Active Platform to set up offices.        

Context: Admin users are able to set up various offices within the firm. Each firm must have one office created. 

Accessing the Admin Centre 

Navigate to the Active Platform home page. 

Click on your name icon and press Admin Centre.


Click on Offices. 

Adding an office

Once the 'Offices' button has been selected, the below screen will appear which shows a list of the offices within the firm.

To add a new office, click New Office. 


The below screen will appear. Enter the relevant details, ensuring at a minimum, you enter the Name and Trading Name of the office.      

Once satisfied with the details, click Save and Close. This will add the office to the list.

Editing or deleting an office

To edit or delete an office, select the relevant office from the list of offices. 

To edit an office, make your changes following the process above, scroll to the bottom and click Save and Close. 

To delete an office, scroll to the bottom and click Delete.

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