How to search and filter jobs

There are two views available when looking at Jobs - Grid View or Kanban View, which can be swapped between at any time by clicking on the button on the top right of the screen, which will show either Grid View or Kanban View, depending on whichever view is active at the time.


Using the search bar at the top of the page, type in any part of a job name, client or code to find the job or jobs you are looking for.


The Job List on the Grid View (or Kanban View) can be filtered by Office, Client, and Users.  From each of these filters, multiple options can be selected. 

Press Clear to clear all the filters.

User/Firm Views

It is possible to create Firm or User views that allow a view of just the specific jobs that meet the criteria selected.

To create a new view, click on the Default View dropdown and select +Add View

This will bring up the Filter Selection Box. From here, you can select the Jobs to show by Job Status, Type, Values, Complete/Incomplete, and Specific Users and set the Ordering and Grouping along with which columns to display. As each of these filters is selected, the Grid will show the list of jobs based on the selection. 

Once you have completed your selections, the Filtered List can be saved or saved as a New List. If it is not Saved, the list will be changed back to the default when the screen is next refreshed - this allows for a Quick Filter without the need to save the selection. When you are saving the list, it can be made applicable to the Firm, Office or User.

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