How to use lead schedules

Article Objective: To assist users in navigating the Active Platform to effectively use lead schedules.

Context: Leadsheets are a powerful feature that enhances your Active Workpapers experience by allowing you to create custom groups of accounts. This improvement fosters better organisation and provides a clearer understanding of your work. The Leadsheet view offers an intuitive and comprehensive way to visualise and manage grouped accounts, streamlining your workflow and boosting productivity. 

Please refer to the Glossary for definitions of key terms used in this article. 

Enabling lead schedules

For AU users, you will have to manually tick the checkbox to enable lead schedules - refer to the 'For new binders - AU users only' section below. 

For UK users however, lead schedules will already be enabled in the background. If you wish to disable them, refer to the 'For existing binders' section below.    

For new binders - AU users only

While creating a new binder, during the confirmation step, select the checkbox to Use Lead Schedules

For existing binders

Click on Settings & Tools. Under Binder Details, select or unselect the Use Lead Schedules checkbox to enable or disable it for the existing binder.  

Click Save.


Making a header a lead schedule

After enabling lead schedules on the binder level, navigate to the Accounts screen.

Right-click on the account type and click Add Custom Header. 

Enter details such as 'Account Name' and tick the 'Lead Schedule' checkbox.

Click Save. 

Arrange accounts under respective lead schedule headers by doing one of two things:

  • Clicking on the relevant accounts, right-clicking on the header account and selecting Insert Selection into this Account (most commonly used); or
  • Dragging and dropping the account on top of the header.

Note: If you wish to update the chart of accounts at a firm level instead of per client, see knowledge article: How to create a standard chart of accounts. Only admin users are able to adjust this in the system. 

Viewing trial balance in lead schedules format

Navigate to the 'Trial Balance' screen in the index and click on the View Lead Schedules icon.

This will change the trial balance view to be in Leadsheet format which will condense all lead schedules to one total line. 

Adding a lead schedule record to a lead schedule item

Click the add button against any record.

Select the 'Lead Schedule' option. 

Enter details including the 'Reconcile To' amount. 

Save and Close. 

A green tick will appear on the index to indicate that there is a two-way match between the record template and the general ledger.  

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