[AU] How to use ATO integration - integrated client and income tax account

Article Objective: To assist users in navigating the Active Platform to effectively use the 'H50 Integrated Client Account' and 'C50 Income Tax Account' templates to prefill with transactions from the respective client's ATO integrated client and income tax accounts for the entire financial year.

Context: To ensure you are able to populate the 'H50 Integrated Client Account' and 'C50 Income Tax Account' templates correctly, you will first need to make sure that you have added a tax agent and registered Business Fitness as a digital service provider. If not, please follow the instructions in the knowledge article: [AU] How to set up the ATO connection & register Business Fitness as a digital service provider with the ATO.

Note, currently we only support taxpayers with an ABN. We plan to expand our service offering to support individual taxpayers (only TFN, no ABN) in the future.

Please refer to the Glossary for definitions of key terms used in this article.   

Populating the ICA and ITA templates

On the index, we recommend adding these worksheet templates to the 'Taxation' section by clicking Accept

When the template is inserted into the Excel file, you will be asked to log in again. This login is required to access the ATO. Use the same login as your Active Platform login.

Note: When obtaining data, you will be asked to log in every 30 minutes as required by the ATO's security guidelines.

After logging in, the worksheets will be pre-populated with the ATO transactions in the 'Transactions' section.

Note, at this stage, the ATO integration will import the transactions for the full year even if the binder period is set to a period less than a year (i.e. a quarter). We plan to enhance this in the future to allow you to select the exact period for which you want to import the transactions. 

Above this 'Transactions' section, the 'Summary' section summarises the various tax payables, payments/refunds, and most other common transactions that you will typically find in either of these accounts. Use the 'Manual Allocation' column within the 'Transactions' section of the worksheet to allocate any transactions that haven't been included in the summary.  

Integrated Client Account 'Summary' section: 

Income Tax Account 'Summary' section:   

Use the 'Net Transfers Reconciliation' section to reconcile transfers between ATO accounts. Any transfers between income tax and integrated client accounts will be pre-populated after both worksheets have been inserted into the binder. Manually input any transfers to other accounts.  

Once the above steps have been completed, navigate back to the 'Summary' section of the worksheet and take up the 'Recommended Journal' in the clients cloud accounting software to reconcile the ITA and ICA.

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