[AU] Implementation and training guide (Active Ledger & Reporting)

Article Objective: To provide an implementation and training guide for Active Ledger & Reporting for firms with between 1 and 10 users. 

Context: By the end of this guide, you will be able to successfully configure various systems and users, and direct users to the appropriate training guides.     


Steps to be completed by the firms Active Owner or Admin user     


System configuration

  1. Owner/Admin user within the firm to log into the Active Platform: Click here    
  2. Establish a connection to Xero Practice Manager following the integration article: Click here
    Note: For firms not on Xero Practice Manager that have purchased a practice management system integration (i.e. MYOB or APS), please reach out to your Account Manager to discuss next steps   
  3. If the Owner/Admin user wishes to customise the Active Platform to ensure a standardised solution is developed for the firm, please refer to the Support Centre. This site assists Owners/Admin users with providing step-by-step guides in relation to the customisation of the firms Platform: Click here 

User configuration

  1. Navigate to the Admin Centre and license users appropriately to Active Ledger & Reporting following the administrator article: Click here
  2. For users who have not taken part in your firms trial of Active Ledger & Reporting, please ensure that they have installed the Excel add-in. This will allow users to use the product in both the web, and Excel. To install the add-in for Active Ledger & Reporting, click here


Refer to the below table for the various training materials available. It is recommended that users view these materials in order as shown in the table. 

Note: The table can be copied and pasted into an email to be sent to users.  

Quick start videoThese videos give users a brief overview of Active Ledger & Reporting. Click here
Training Centre
This is a free, self-paced learning course for users to assist with their understanding of how to use Active Ledger & Reporting.
Click here
Getting started guideThese guides assist users with navigating Active Ledger & Reporting to start a standard compliance job.
For MYOB AE users: Click here

For APS users: Click here
Support CentreThis site assists users with providing step-by-step guides in relation to various topics including: 
  • Getting started
  • User guides
  • Advanced user guides
  • Administrator guides (for Admin users ONLY)
  • Troubleshooting guides; and
  • Educational webinars

The Support Centre is useful for users who are wanting to learn how to use Active Ledger & Reporting, as well as for users looking to obtain information regarding specific queries. 

Click here

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