Transferring your Business Fitness Account authenticator codes to new phone

The below instructions show you how to transfer your authenticator codes to another phone. 

Note: These instructions are for transferring using the Google Authenticator app. For other apps, please consult their support team. 

Before you start  

1.    Make sure you have the Google Authenticator app installed on your new phone 

2.    Ensure access to your old phone.

For Android users:

Common Android devices are Samsung, LG, Oppo, Pixel, and OnePlus phones.

On your old phone:

1.    Open the Google Authenticator app

2.    Tap the three-dot menu button

3.    Select 'Transfer Accounts'

4.    Choose 'Export Accounts'

5.    Select the accounts to export to your new phone. 

On your new phone:

1.    Open the Google Authenticator app

2.    Tap 'Get Started'

3.    Select 'Import Existing Accounts' at the bottom of the screen

4.    Select 'Scan QR Code'.

Your old phone may have several QR codes to scan with your new phone, begin scanning these and follow the instructions to complete the transfer. You will get a confirmation prompt when each transfer is successful.

For iPhone users:

1.    Navigate to your Google Account page (

2.    Click 'Security' on the left-hand side

3.    Scroll to the 'Signing In to Google' section and select 'Two-Step Verification'

4.    Locate Authenticator on iPhone and click 'Change Phone'

5.    Select the type of phone you will be using and follow the prompts

6.    On your new phone, open the Google Authenticator app and select 'Begin'

7.    Select 'Scan Code' and scan the code displayed in your web browser

8.    Enter the six-digit code from your new phone in your web browser

9.    Continue this process for the remaining services listed in the authenticator app of your old phone.

To transfer your Business Fitness authenticator at this time, please log a support ticket.

A self-service function for authenticator resets is coming soon. 

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