How to customise Kanban columns

Kanban columns are a way of organising and viewing the jobs that exist within the firm. To keep the board at a manageable level, each view needs to be structured in a way that the board does not consist of too many jobs. The firm should limit the number of columns available to users. 

A Kanban column view looks like this.

The system comes with six in-built Kanban columns:

  • Not Started
  • On Hold
  • In Progress
  • Awaiting Review
  • Out to Client
  • Complete

And, each one is attached to a default Job Status and may have it's own background colour. A Kanban column could have a number of Job Statuses attached to the one column to keep the system manageable. 

Once a column has been completed, you can go to Job Status to edit the Statuses attached to the Kanban column.

Creating a New Kanban Column

Changing the Colour on a Kanban Column

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