How to customise job statuses

The status of each job is set either manually or by automation when specific actions occur. Each firm is able to set-up their own Job Statuses but the system comes with some pre-determined System Statuses. The actual name of the status can be changed for each firm, but must be linked to one of the System Statuses as these are used for specific purposes in Workflow. The System Statuses cannot be altered, but can link to whichever Job Statuses you require.

Each Status can have it's own distinct colour and can link to a Kanban Column.

It is much better to keep the Workflow System uncluttered without too many Statuses and keep the colours simple - please give these a try before setting different colours for the jobs and Kanban columns.

The pre-determined Statuses (and linked to a System Status) are:

CodeNameSystem Status
NSNot StartedNot Started
PRGIn Progress
In Progress
QRYAwaiting Client QueryWait Client
Awaiting ReviewReview
SNTSent to ClientWait Client
HLDOn HoldOn Hold

Each Status can have it's own Icon, Colour and be linked to a Kanban Column.

A Status may be deleted provided it is not in use. 

Creating or Editing a Job Status

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