How to use the QA Centre

Article Objective:  To assist users in navigating the Active Platform to effectively use the QA centre to review audit issues, unreconciled items and outstanding records.  

Context: Active Workpapers have a deep audit trail through all stages of job completion, and the QA centre allows users to review areas that require attention and alerts reviewers to changes that have occurred after sign off.

The QA centre is a good place to finish your work as a preparer, to make sure everything has been actioned appropriately.

Please refer to the Glossary for definitions of key terms used in this article.   

Accessing the QA centre

In the Workpaper binder index, click QA Centre icon on the left-hand navigation panel. 

The QA centre should be the last point of call for a preparer and the first point of call for a reviewer. 

There are three areas for review:

  • Audit Issues
  • Unreconciled
  • Outstanding Records



Audit issues

The audit issues section alerts users to the fact that there has been a change to an account general ledger balance or record balance after it was approved or complete.    

It will depend on whether the 'Lock worksheet after approval (read-only mode)' checkbox is selected as to which discrepancies will be flagged as audit issues. If the admin user has selected the checkbox at a firm level, it will not be possible to edit a record once it is approved or complete, therefore audit issues will only be generated from a change in the general ledger balance. However if the checkbox is not selected at a firm level, users will be able to edit the record, therefore audit issues will be generated from a change in the general ledger balance or a change to the record balance

The audit issues section will indicate the accounts that have been affected, and show whether the accounts reconcile. The only way to clear the audit issue is for the reviewer, manager or partner to set the status of the account back to approved or complete, or the preparer undo the change that caused the audit issue.


Note: Click on Review the Audit Log to review activity that has occurred in the workpapers.

Note: The 'Lock worksheet after approval (read-only mode)' checkbox can only be ticked or unticked by admin users. See the admin article: How to edit binder behaviour options for more information.


The unreconciled section shows all index lines that have a workpaper attached where it does not reconcile to the reconciliation field. To clear this, ensure the workpaper is reconciled. 


Outstanding records

The outstanding records section identifies what workpapers are still outstanding (i.e. not yet set to approved or completed). This is mainly relevant for reviewers, managers and partners. 


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