How to complete and export a binder

Article Objective:  To assist users in navigating the Active Platform to complete and export a binder. 

Context:  You can easily export completed binders and all associated supporting documentation into a PDF file with a few easy steps.            

Please refer to the Glossary for definitions of key terms used in this article. 

Completing a binder

Once the preparer has completed the rework and the binder is ready to be finalised and exported, change the status of the binder to 'Completed'. 

This will change the binder to read-only mode. 

Exporting a binder  

In the Workpaper binder index, click on Settings & Tools and a drop-down menu will appear. 

Select Export Binder. 

A default pop-up screen will appear, as below. 

Specify the parameters to suit the information you would like to export. This feature will automatically select to export all worksheets and documents in the Workpaper into one PDF. 

If you wish to change the information being exported, select or deselect the options under 'The following are to be included in the PDF file' accordingly.

You are also able to export the binder into Excel by selecting the checkbox for 'Binder workbook in Excel format'. 

If you wish to also export the supporting documents as individual files (in addition to being included in the general PDF), select the checkbox for 'Supporting documents as individual files'. 

Note: You would only select the checkbox to Save export to FYI or Save export to HowNow X if your firm has integrated FYI Docs or HowNow X with Active and you wanted to export the binder directly to the system. 

Click Export. 

Once the export has processed, select Download.           

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