How to customise record template checklists or create new

Article Objective: To assist admin users in navigating the Admin Centre within Active Workpapers to edit the default checklists within record templates provided by Business Fitness and create your own custom checklists.

Context: Active Workpapers enables administrator users to customise system checklists or create a new one specifically suited to the firm.         


Accessing checklists

  1. Navigate to the Workpaper Admin area    
  2. Click on Record Templates.

Editing checklists within Business Fitness templates

  1. Select a Record Template: choose the template that uses the default checklist you want to modify
  2. Click the 'Customise' Button: locate and click the Customise button within the chosen record template. This enables editing of the checklist items.
  3. Edit checklist items: Once in customisation mode, you can:
    • Edit Text: modify the wording of existing checklist items
    • Add New Items: click +Add Item to create new entries
    • Import from Excel: include checklist items from an Excel spreadsheet
    • Add Titles & Descriptions: provide a clear title and description for each item.   

Checklist item filters:

Set the filters for where you want the checklist item to show up in specific binders.

  • Include: allows you to filter which Workpaper binders you want this specific item to show up in. For example, if the checklist item relates to a tax law that is only applicable between 1 July 2024 and 30 June 2025, then you can select to have the item show up in Workpaper binders with start and end dates between these dates
  • Entity types: you can make the checklist item show up only in certain entity’s Workpaper binders. For example, if the tax law only applies to companies and would not apply to trusts or partnerships, then you would select company and this checklist item would only show in company Workpaper binders.

Saving & reverting changes

  • Save: click Save to apply your customisations to the checklist  
  • Revert to Master: click this button to discard your changes and revert to the default checklist
  • Compare to Master: use this option to compare your customised checklist with the original template. 

Creating custom firm checklists

The process for creating custom checklists is very similar to editing defaults. Select a record template to which you would like to add the checklist. You can add checklist items by clicking 'Add Item' or clicking the 'Import from Excel' option to import checklist items from Excel.           

Additional tips

  • Consider using descriptive titles and clear instructions for each checklist item  
  • Utilise filters effectively to ensure checklists appear in the most relevant binders for your users
  • Regularly review and update your checklists to reflect any changes in processes or regulations.

By following these steps, you can effectively manage checklists in Active by Business software, improving efficiency and ensuring users have the necessary guidance for completing tasks.

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